I Am Therefore I Exist


I wish we could find meaning in our short physical lives, but as the late Carl Sagan admonished, God, Heaven and conscious Universe being exceptional claims, require exception evidence. The Universe is a confusing place. We humans seem to be alone here, but why is that?

I suppose we could invent a reason, and most people do exactly that. They live for their own amusement, possibly a career or making and raising babies.

The only one in that short list a white tail deer would be unable to grasp would be career. Yet, monkeys have complex societies. Being social animals they advance by distributing intelligence through out a group. They have emotions, they have leaders and males and females. The females suckle babes and gossip about a new one after it arrives. In short, its all very human like down to warfare.

When they die we can imagine they have no expectation, having lived their short existence as nature and the social hierarchy had allowed. So, an after life, a higher meaning or a purpose, they neither expect or could understand.

We humans are different, we do expect a place eternal or of something merited beyond life, death and taxes.

What other creature, could imagine a God or conceive of Pi? Well, as I said, there is the mystery of it all. Why indeed do we exist. Why indeed do we believe, probably wrongly, we have a free will? We even can understand random, mindless events by mathematical probabilities. We conceive of material vibrations, the physical particles of the world, writing and conceiving theories our minds find beautiful and harmonious. But, there is the rub. If we exist and conceive of mathematical theory and logic and justice and morals, what does just random motion mean? After all without a purpose isn’t that what the Universe is. Who permitted black holes, the big cosmic inflation and Christmas trees?

The inconsistency seems the elephant in the living room. Physics PhDs keep insisting the order is just a happy accident, like 100 monkeys typing and after a very long time, out pops the New Testament.




The Deceptive Purpose in Religion


How could something said so GOOD turn out on analysis to be the very essence of EVIL?


Peter Popov is still conning people into making him rich while claiming only HE can focus the powers of God to heal, and yes, even make someone rich.

Popov was exposed long ago by Randy as a fraud. His wife was secretly feeding him information about the poor and misguided persons at his healing gatherings. I was surprised he was not jailed for fraud, but he was not. He and his wife were taking over five million dollars a year from sick and desperate people who believed God listened to Popov and through him, they could be healed.

I am told in the last five years he has made a come back selling holy water and telling desperate people if they send him cash, God will allow them to win the lottery. Does it get anymore despicable than Popov?

                                       Outside of allowing many to become very wealthy peddling unproven and clearly false doctrines. Religion has a catch;  God is  all good , if HE is mean YOU deserved it !

Lets look at a typical person who has experienced the horrors of a tornado. There are many thousands of these. In one such destructive force of Nature, a school was decimated and two dozen children were killed.

Of those who lived near the school, a church was also destroyed. In the after shock of these horrific agonies a pastor from the church exclaimed how good was the Lord, since the winds of destruction had come not on Sunday, rather on Saturday when the church was empty.

The next day still extolling God’s great goodness and mercies, he attended the funerals of the dead school children. As it turned out, two of the dead children had parents who were members of his congregation.

dogThat’s right, good goes on God’s side and bad to  depraved and sinful side of man.

And any intelligent person can see how false this argument is. If God is all powerful, than God destroys and if God can save, why do children suffer and die? Of what sin have they done?                                                 God can Never LOSE, Always merciful and GOOD

Consciousness after your body and brain die? Don’t count on it.


Nirvana ? I could think perhaps this the unproven redemption. It is the reward that keeps you sane while your life abuses you in so many different ways. Could your trip through life have a purpose, perhaps even a test that in the end a great light will show you the reasons for your Earthly suffering.

The Buddha was right. Life is all about suffering; its the Nirvana part that gets rather cloudy and mythological. As we travel through space and time in a purposeless Universe, try to take time to invent a meaning. It will make your ride more endurable.

Be grateful for each day, that out of all time and all space you won that lottery. Yes, you were born and survived long enough to experience Earth and human existence. That span of course, comes with the hidden caveat, back unto the deep at death you will descend .

I wish after a life time of study and wishful hope I could say we live on after our brains become mush.

When my grandmother died of cancer in 1975, I experienced a true change in my life. A woman who I loved deeply had passed away. There was grief of course and she was 80 years old, so had lived an average human life time. Still, I would never see that little lady again. So I searched the psychic research for some straw of grasp to.

I never felt she had come to visit me. Her presence was simply gone. Yes, there were tales of ghosts, out of body experiences and the like. These reports gave hope, but really no proof and in fact nothing in my experience I felt indicated my Grammie still existed. She was buried next to her husband, George, who died also of cancer in 1957. I would need to add one small thing.

I had a dream , about two or so years after her death. I seemed to ascend somewhere and looked at a lady, I was told was my Grammie. She showed no special emotion in seeing me. She did not have those horn rimmed glasses. I asked why and she said, she never needed glasses before 1945, the year I was born. Later I checked with my mother and she confirmed Gram did not wear glasses until then. So, was this just a flight of fantasy?

I really didn’t know him, no emotional bonds, so if I didn’t get a message from him, I could understand that. Later time and human life times press on toward some grim end where we just stop being. The pain of admitting this Universe really doesn’t conserve consciousness, the way it does energy isn’t something I Iike to think about. Life after death or survival doesn’t lend itself to proof the way energy does. So maybe she is there, just mute or too weak to make any earthly contact, I now know better. Could she as the Buddhist believe, just in a day or less transmigrated to a newborn ,reincarnated. Well, I don’t know, but insertion into the human sea of ignorance and misery isn’t my idea of any reasonable system of consciousness preservation.

In 2002 my dear Mother passed away. It had been difficult since her stroke in 1994 when she just turned 78. I visited her everyday in the nursing home and am over all glad she chose not to die until she did, exhausted from life’s sufferings. Surely she would visit me in some credible way, perhaps in my dreams. To my knowledge she never has. She never has because she and I are separated in a great gulf called time and space. If there were a way to disappear down a worm hole to return to see her healthy again, I would do it in a heart beat. But, alas there is no way to return or relive the past even if we knew it would trap us in a cycle of reliving again and again.

Some psychic mediums have fooled people, largely because they want to believe. I believe they at one point fooled me. In fact some make a business charging 300 dollars an hour to contact your departed loved ones.

Who would not want to wish a heavan and a hell for Hitler and all the genocidal maniacs through human history.

Hey, are YOU circumcised?

An analysis of AAP circumcision statement 2012 circ

I looked very long to find a decent photograph for this blog. Finally settled on this one.

As we stand today, the United States is the last country on Earth to circumcise the majority of its new born males for cosmetic or allegedly health reasons. Canada, England, New Zealand and Australia all , did circumcise until the last forty or more years where the demand for and doctors performing them all declined. Here in the US we still stubbornly insist the foreskin is disease promoting,  of no functional use. Worse, the American Academy of Pediatrics ( a doctors trade organization similar with the United Fruit Sellers Organization), recently and with quite a bit of fanfare, declared the health benefits of routine circumcision out weigh any risks or dysfuntion caused by the procedure.

The rest of the World has begun to question the American healthcare system, since the primary reason the AAP has reversed itself is the putative reduction in sexually transmitted disease, especially HIV. Their evidence was cherry picked from 14 studies done in sub- Saharan Africa. The studies were done exclusively by circumcised researchers, primarily financed by Americans.

Does anyone here see a strange desire to justify routine circumcision. Yes, their own circumcisions.

Doctor Ronald Goldman has the best insight here I have yet found. It bares reason for real study. Circumcision is promoted by circumcised men and women who don’t know the difference.

Go to the circumcision resource center. org The grasping at straws to justify or white wash newborn circumcision should end.

We don’t gain credibility by attempts to justify infant circumcision. Would you endorse female circumcisionfly

So what does it mean to exist ?

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So, what in the hell is this pretty diagram? I will try to simplify and by all means, I am a non professional in these matters. It is a strange look inside the atom. In fact you probably know you’re made of them, but at every instant something, we can’t know what, tells your atomic system to stay coherent, that is not to disappear. The 1920 era rocked physics like no other and came on the heels of Einstein’s famous theories of space and time.  Time what is it? It can’t be real because everybody has their own personal perception of it.

You are in fact a complex  quantum state of imaginary things. What is it that keeps you appearing  solid? Well, that’s a good question since 99 percent of an atom is just empty space. If you could take the space away from all the seven billion human bodies on this planet, what matter that was left could be compressed to the volume of an average size apple.

The Mystery of Human Stupidity..

Free Will, No as God and Santa Clause,  IT never existed.


Religion has been the bane of human kind since the beginning of history. It is seen as obligatory and entirely a force keeping mankind on  track. God, SHE,  is a person, or at least a super brain all knowing personality, lets forget about the speed of light and how even photos from Pluto take four hours to get here.  But, SHE can watch you until the ends of time immediately and have her way.  She watches from a distance, demands respect and punishes all who say she isn’t real.

Oh, please can we leave the children’s world of Mr. Rodgers and Walt Disney?

Ever since the Greeks, who championed rational thought and the testing of theory , and that’s been thousands of years, we still are stuck in a rut.

I hate to tell you its all a vicious lie, invented by cynical people who wanted wealth and power, the purveyor of illusion to those who can’t think or be allowed to. The science of free logical discourse has never been welcomed by religion. God has never been challenged, because if you are poor or have bad things happen, its a wake up call from HER. Recall lack of evidence is not evidence of absence.  You better get with my loving program or else. If we keep the masses uneducated and push human reproduction, religion will always have its sheep. We don’t care about planet Earth destruction, child abuse, hunger or poverty. It’s all in HER loving plan book.

The Jews and other have experience human genocide. In fact, the Holocaust was actively denied by many and the Catholic clergy aided Nazi war criminals to escape punishment in 1945. People continue to trust and believe. That is sad and a pox upon humanity. The reason is simply humans have the capacity to find the truth, but like children love dear Santa Clause would be devastated if they found its all a great lie. They would run about doing unthinkable things.

All I can say,  even with God,  they run amok and do unthinkable things and probably, always will. They do an excess of unthinkable things because the SHE Creature needs defending.  Like duh.. I thought SHE was all powerful? Red destruct lights flashing. For some reason, the run   amockers are here to help the good folks escape HELL. They will take up all the seats first !

Humans do not like to think and worse those with rose glasses don’t see the things which could burst their God bubble. If a cancer devours you, its not God’s imperfection, its HER desire to show you how sinful you are and need HER mercy. I love you a bunch, but now its black out time, but wait, first lets cast you into my oven HELL. I will not shack and bake.

If God so loved the World, nuclear physics would never permit a weapon so powerful it could destroy it . One would think if God were real such weapons could never be built. She would just stop it all. But, tell that to Hirohisma .

Ironically, if it  not for the laws of energy and nuclear physics, stars would  not exist , any potential of life would end as well.. So, now rational people UNITE. Do you see how absolutely without basis any personal God  is?  Its almost as if the Universe were  saying, you strange little humans, you selfish piglets, I gave you reason and look what you’ve done with it. Created my greed, more pain, more misery. Just recall God must have loved the Dinos, because they egg laid  and ate meat until she got the idea to cash them an asteroid But, wait, God can now have human’s end the World and go on to her next perfect storm.

If I were God, I would have ended this sad abuse of power and ego centered greed a long time ago. Experiment FAILED, destruct,

Five.. Four … One.. OVER, curtain down. And No we will not be rescheduling this event.



This blog will win me few friends, but I’m convinced people are just in denial about the mutt.

A dog is a chimera, that is Nature never really created it, people did by inbreeding the wolves first, later the dogs which were already inbreeds.

This is scientifically true, in other words, its a fact. Why did humans get breeding rights with wolves, we really don’t know. We do know some wolves may have come close to humans for food. As they were offered food, bones and God only know what, they became dependent upon the human for food. Of course these early wolf pets probably earned their keep by fighting off marauding wolf packs who assaulted humans and stole their food. That was a so called good wolf.

From there only time until inbreeding took place. More wolf dogs. Some of these inbred wolves remained wild and these were culled from the human wolf pack. They did not get a chance to breed. The so called good dog-wolfs were mated over and over. Culled of the undesirable and mated yet again.

From here, the domestic dog was born and multiplied. Its not a natural creation.

So today we have the vicious pit bulls, the little Dobermans, the Ghastly Ugly bull dogs and every other   .images

Who does she adore more, her husband or that dog. I think I can answer that.

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