The Thread is TIME

What exactly is time? Is it a river or a mirror. Is it flowing or just an illusion?  The Hindu say there have been many times, many Universes. That Time is really an illusion and that consciousness the only reality and that it is entirely empty. If it is empty much like a slate than it can be written upon, but the writing can never stop being shifted and decayed away by time. Like the grains of sand that compose a sand castle, they will all in time be swept back into the surf. They will be still there, somewhere in time, but unrecognizable as a castle constructed by a girl who walked the beach before it became a mountain, millions of years ago.

I know this sounds almost poetic , but then creation is a kind of verse with many chapters. Our brief existence on this tiny planet is one among an infinity.

The bones of the dinosaurs appear to us as evidence that these beasts once roamed the planet in what we call a past time. However, as strange as it may seem, they still somewhere walk the Earth hunting in the ancient forests, now lost to us in our time.

We know this is true since the ghost of the so called Big Bang, which really never happened, has sent photons into time eternal. After 14 billion years, a rather arbitrary figure, we detect it as an almost uniform microwave background signal.

Albert Einstein in 1905, demolished the idea time is a universal constant. He did far more. Einstein showed all  events must exist somehow encoded for every piece of it since the big bang. Time is nothing more than events or relationships the consciousness becomes aware of.

Now, in a fascinating sense, could events become aware that are not tied to your brains sensory frame of reference? Some believe they can, but for me such evidence is ghostly and not well documented. This is just another way of my saying, not very convincing.

Without a good deal of time trying to explain, probably in a clumsy way, how time seems to change with your state of consciousness, it is enough to suggest it cannot flow or be real as humans and perhaps some animals perceive it.

Events or things in time can take place before or after certain other events depending on relative change in the velocity of two frames. I know that sounds obscure and dimly said. But, it is true.

Since it is true, time changes for different observers who both hold clocks, how could it be a real physical thing? It would need be a epi-phenomena.

We may already have our beginnings and endings decided from the beginning of what ever makes us think, time began. It never did. It is consciousness that stays in a single frame and eternal.

                             A Big Problem Here: What about FREE will?

Why consider that mankind has any free will whatsoever?

In physics we do not consider an arrow to have a free will when it travels its path from archer to target. Physics had established what independent constants  define and guide the arrow’s path. It becomes odd to assume if the arrow has no free will , human actions or decisions do.


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