Edward O. Wilson Sociobiology Prophet


Hey, Kid, watch it, you’ll put your eyes out.

We live in a World of Paleolithic emotion, medieval institutions  and God like technology. A very dangerous mix- Edward O. Wilson

I was fascinated by Dr. Wilson and his personal appearance on the program probably said as much to me as any of his papers or books throughout the years.

We come into existence with a strong biological desire to be socially accepted, to fit in and to play a role that transcends ourselves. Some do this with family, others with country and many through religions.

None of the biological adaptations serves our Planet or humanity entirely well. However for a moment contemplate your survival without a society. Could you survive without the expected social benefits we all depend on for existence? Of course the answer is no. I would not survive without medical science, food from supermarkets, housing  someone else built and sold for my comforts.

Human mutual cooperation has raised society from the Paleolithic camp fire to Urban jungle. But, are we surviving today with a biological need to live inside a group, to defend that group or abstract religion of economics or supernatural faith to the death.

What about a post nuclear age where today’s leaders have not experienced actual war, destruction and legalized murder (war).

What about a society of workers who feed the needs of bankers, wealthy natural resource barons and corrupt political leaders?  We have already arrived at an Orwellian 1984.

Last night I watched the PBS program about Edward Wilson, who has studied insects for decades.

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