Of Guns and Americans


American thought process is a curious thing. It woven not by practicality, rather by cults and worships.

If I had a child who was always putting her hands on a hot stove and being burned, I’d blame the child not the stove. That child would be restricted from getting even close to a hot bonfire.

I recall way back in 1963 when we lost our hero, JFK. It was an unthinkable thing. How could this happen when we pay the Secret Service and other agencies so well to guard our President. Later we would learn , although some still dispute who shot Kennedy; he was killed with a twelve dollar mail order rifle.

Thats right, Oswald got the Presidential assault gun without any real questions asked, through a Chicago gun shop.

Today,  52 years later, nothing really has changed, except the number of guns and assault weapons owned by citizens who do not need register the weapons. They can buy armor piercing ammunition, magazines and other weapons without any serious questions. Just present the money and you can buy the lot.

President Obama obviously very disturbed, hardly surprised by the latest mass slaying simply turned his head and shook it saying, Americans how much more are you willing to take.

The Powerful NRA has bought out your government, and they in fact are a minority of people  support   open fire and everybody needs a gun . Such insanity makes any normal person cringe.

Historically both Australia and England faced  open gun and weapons policies. The absence of any laws to track or haul in firearms. The crazy right insists guns protect them and their homes; they say we need more not fewer guns. Today both of these Nations have serious gun ownership are restriction laws. The results are clear, shootings stop or are a rare event.

The Supreme Court emboldened the NRA and the gun lobby  nut cases when they in 2008  affirmed the right to own a gun without restrictions;  trumps public wishes and safety.

I am not a prophet, I do know as long as the US has not meaningful hauling in of guns and assault weapons these blood baths will continue. If the little children of Sandy Hook could not cause enough out rage with the Republicans and the NRA, then I ask what ever would.

To get further into the illogical gun worship cult, Trump has now echoes the NRA stupidity, Arm all Teachers.

Trump would make such a wonderful president, we can hardly wait for the US to Trump destruct.

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