This blog will win me few friends, but I’m convinced people are just in denial about the mutt.

A dog is a chimera, that is Nature never really created it, people did by inbreeding the wolves first, later the dogs which were already inbreeds.

This is scientifically true, in other words, its a fact. Why did humans get breeding rights with wolves, we really don’t know. We do know some wolves may have come close to humans for food. As they were offered food, bones and God only know what, they became dependent upon the human for food. Of course these early wolf pets probably earned their keep by fighting off marauding wolf packs who assaulted humans and stole their food. That was a so called good wolf.

From there only time until inbreeding took place. More wolf dogs. Some of these inbred wolves remained wild and these were culled from the human wolf pack. They did not get a chance to breed. The so called good dog-wolfs were mated over and over. Culled of the undesirable and mated yet again.

From here, the domestic dog was born and multiplied. Its not a natural creation.

So today we have the vicious pit bulls, the little Dobermans, the Ghastly Ugly bull dogs and every other   .images

Who does she adore more, her husband or that dog. I think I can answer that.


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