The Mystery of Human Stupidity..

Free Will, No as God and Santa Clause,  IT never existed.


Religion has been the bane of human kind since the beginning of history. It is seen as obligatory and entirely a force keeping mankind on  track. God, SHE,  is a person, or at least a super brain all knowing personality, lets forget about the speed of light and how even photos from Pluto take four hours to get here.  But, SHE can watch you until the ends of time immediately and have her way.  She watches from a distance, demands respect and punishes all who say she isn’t real.

Oh, please can we leave the children’s world of Mr. Rodgers and Walt Disney?

Ever since the Greeks, who championed rational thought and the testing of theory , and that’s been thousands of years, we still are stuck in a rut.

I hate to tell you its all a vicious lie, invented by cynical people who wanted wealth and power, the purveyor of illusion to those who can’t think or be allowed to. The science of free logical discourse has never been welcomed by religion. God has never been challenged, because if you are poor or have bad things happen, its a wake up call from HER. Recall lack of evidence is not evidence of absence.  You better get with my loving program or else. If we keep the masses uneducated and push human reproduction, religion will always have its sheep. We don’t care about planet Earth destruction, child abuse, hunger or poverty. It’s all in HER loving plan book.

The Jews and other have experience human genocide. In fact, the Holocaust was actively denied by many and the Catholic clergy aided Nazi war criminals to escape punishment in 1945. People continue to trust and believe. That is sad and a pox upon humanity. The reason is simply humans have the capacity to find the truth, but like children love dear Santa Clause would be devastated if they found its all a great lie. They would run about doing unthinkable things.

All I can say,  even with God,  they run amok and do unthinkable things and probably, always will. They do an excess of unthinkable things because the SHE Creature needs defending.  Like duh.. I thought SHE was all powerful? Red destruct lights flashing. For some reason, the run   amockers are here to help the good folks escape HELL. They will take up all the seats first !

Humans do not like to think and worse those with rose glasses don’t see the things which could burst their God bubble. If a cancer devours you, its not God’s imperfection, its HER desire to show you how sinful you are and need HER mercy. I love you a bunch, but now its black out time, but wait, first lets cast you into my oven HELL. I will not shack and bake.

If God so loved the World, nuclear physics would never permit a weapon so powerful it could destroy it . One would think if God were real such weapons could never be built. She would just stop it all. But, tell that to Hirohisma .

Ironically, if it  not for the laws of energy and nuclear physics, stars would  not exist , any potential of life would end as well.. So, now rational people UNITE. Do you see how absolutely without basis any personal God  is?  Its almost as if the Universe were  saying, you strange little humans, you selfish piglets, I gave you reason and look what you’ve done with it. Created my greed, more pain, more misery. Just recall God must have loved the Dinos, because they egg laid  and ate meat until she got the idea to cash them an asteroid But, wait, God can now have human’s end the World and go on to her next perfect storm.

If I were God, I would have ended this sad abuse of power and ego centered greed a long time ago. Experiment FAILED, destruct,

Five.. Four … One.. OVER, curtain down. And No we will not be rescheduling this event.


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