So what does it mean to exist ?

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So, what in the hell is this pretty diagram? I will try to simplify and by all means, I am a non professional in these matters. It is a strange look inside the atom. In fact you probably know you’re made of them, but at every instant something, we can’t know what, tells your atomic system to stay coherent, that is not to disappear. The 1920 era rocked physics like no other and came on the heels of Einstein’s famous theories of space and time.  Time what is it? It can’t be real because everybody has their own personal perception of it.

You are in fact a complex  quantum state of imaginary things. What is it that keeps you appearing  solid? Well, that’s a good question since 99 percent of an atom is just empty space. If you could take the space away from all the seven billion human bodies on this planet, what matter that was left could be compressed to the volume of an average size apple.


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