Hey, are YOU circumcised?

An analysis of AAP circumcision statement 2012 circ

I looked very long to find a decent photograph for this blog. Finally settled on this one.

As we stand today, the United States is the last country on Earth to circumcise the majority of its new born males for cosmetic or allegedly health reasons. Canada, England, New Zealand and Australia all , did circumcise until the last forty or more years where the demand for and doctors performing them all declined. Here in the US we still stubbornly insist the foreskin is disease promoting,  of no functional use. Worse, the American Academy of Pediatrics ( a doctors trade organization similar with the United Fruit Sellers Organization), recently and with quite a bit of fanfare, declared the health benefits of routine circumcision out weigh any risks or dysfuntion caused by the procedure.

The rest of the World has begun to question the American healthcare system, since the primary reason the AAP has reversed itself is the putative reduction in sexually transmitted disease, especially HIV. Their evidence was cherry picked from 14 studies done in sub- Saharan Africa. The studies were done exclusively by circumcised researchers, primarily financed by Americans.

Does anyone here see a strange desire to justify routine circumcision. Yes, their own circumcisions.

Doctor Ronald Goldman has the best insight here I have yet found. It bares reason for real study. Circumcision is promoted by circumcised men and women who don’t know the difference.

Go to the circumcision resource center. org The grasping at straws to justify or white wash newborn circumcision should end.

We don’t gain credibility by attempts to justify infant circumcision. Would you endorse female circumcisionfly


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