Consciousness after your body and brain die? Don’t count on it.


Nirvana ? I could think perhaps this the unproven redemption. It is the reward that keeps you sane while your life abuses you in so many different ways. Could your trip through life have a purpose, perhaps even a test that in the end a great light will show you the reasons for your Earthly suffering.

The Buddha was right. Life is all about suffering; its the Nirvana part that gets rather cloudy and mythological. As we travel through space and time in a purposeless Universe, try to take time to invent a meaning. It will make your ride more endurable.

Be grateful for each day, that out of all time and all space you won that lottery. Yes, you were born and survived long enough to experience Earth and human existence. That span of course, comes with the hidden caveat, back unto the deep at death you will descend .

I wish after a life time of study and wishful hope I could say we live on after our brains become mush.

When my grandmother died of cancer in 1975, I experienced a true change in my life. A woman who I loved deeply had passed away. There was grief of course and she was 80 years old, so had lived an average human life time. Still, I would never see that little lady again. So I searched the psychic research for some straw of grasp to.

I never felt she had come to visit me. Her presence was simply gone. Yes, there were tales of ghosts, out of body experiences and the like. These reports gave hope, but really no proof and in fact nothing in my experience I felt indicated my Grammie still existed. She was buried next to her husband, George, who died also of cancer in 1957. I would need to add one small thing.

I had a dream , about two or so years after her death. I seemed to ascend somewhere and looked at a lady, I was told was my Grammie. She showed no special emotion in seeing me. She did not have those horn rimmed glasses. I asked why and she said, she never needed glasses before 1945, the year I was born. Later I checked with my mother and she confirmed Gram did not wear glasses until then. So, was this just a flight of fantasy?

I really didn’t know him, no emotional bonds, so if I didn’t get a message from him, I could understand that. Later time and human life times press on toward some grim end where we just stop being. The pain of admitting this Universe really doesn’t conserve consciousness, the way it does energy isn’t something I Iike to think about. Life after death or survival doesn’t lend itself to proof the way energy does. So maybe she is there, just mute or too weak to make any earthly contact, I now know better. Could she as the Buddhist believe, just in a day or less transmigrated to a newborn ,reincarnated. Well, I don’t know, but insertion into the human sea of ignorance and misery isn’t my idea of any reasonable system of consciousness preservation.

In 2002 my dear Mother passed away. It had been difficult since her stroke in 1994 when she just turned 78. I visited her everyday in the nursing home and am over all glad she chose not to die until she did, exhausted from life’s sufferings. Surely she would visit me in some credible way, perhaps in my dreams. To my knowledge she never has. She never has because she and I are separated in a great gulf called time and space. If there were a way to disappear down a worm hole to return to see her healthy again, I would do it in a heart beat. But, alas there is no way to return or relive the past even if we knew it would trap us in a cycle of reliving again and again.

Some psychic mediums have fooled people, largely because they want to believe. I believe they at one point fooled me. In fact some make a business charging 300 dollars an hour to contact your departed loved ones.

Who would not want to wish a heavan and a hell for Hitler and all the genocidal maniacs through human history.


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