The Deceptive Purpose in Religion


How could something said so GOOD turn out on analysis to be the very essence of EVIL?


Peter Popov is still conning people into making him rich while claiming only HE can focus the powers of God to heal, and yes, even make someone rich.

Popov was exposed long ago by Randy as a fraud. His wife was secretly feeding him information about the poor and misguided persons at his healing gatherings. I was surprised he was not jailed for fraud, but he was not. He and his wife were taking over five million dollars a year from sick and desperate people who believed God listened to Popov and through him, they could be healed.

I am told in the last five years he has made a come back selling holy water and telling desperate people if they send him cash, God will allow them to win the lottery. Does it get anymore despicable than Popov?

                                       Outside of allowing many to become very wealthy peddling unproven and clearly false doctrines. Religion has a catch;  God is  all good , if HE is mean YOU deserved it !

Lets look at a typical person who has experienced the horrors of a tornado. There are many thousands of these. In one such destructive force of Nature, a school was decimated and two dozen children were killed.

Of those who lived near the school, a church was also destroyed. In the after shock of these horrific agonies a pastor from the church exclaimed how good was the Lord, since the winds of destruction had come not on Sunday, rather on Saturday when the church was empty.

The next day still extolling God’s great goodness and mercies, he attended the funerals of the dead school children. As it turned out, two of the dead children had parents who were members of his congregation.

dogThat’s right, good goes on God’s side and bad to  depraved and sinful side of man.

And any intelligent person can see how false this argument is. If God is all powerful, than God destroys and if God can save, why do children suffer and die? Of what sin have they done?                                                 God can Never LOSE, Always merciful and GOOD


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