I Am Therefore I Exist


I wish we could find meaning in our short physical lives, but as the late Carl Sagan admonished, God, Heaven and conscious Universe being exceptional claims, require exception evidence. The Universe is a confusing place. We humans seem to be alone here, but why is that?

I suppose we could invent a reason, and most people do exactly that. They live for their own amusement, possibly a career or making and raising babies.

The only one in that short list a white tail deer would be unable to grasp would be career. Yet, monkeys have complex societies. Being social animals they advance by distributing intelligence through out a group. They have emotions, they have leaders and males and females. The females suckle babes and gossip about a new one after it arrives. In short, its all very human like down to warfare.

When they die we can imagine they have no expectation, having lived their short existence as nature and the social hierarchy had allowed. So, an after life, a higher meaning or a purpose, they neither expect or could understand.

We humans are different, we do expect a place eternal or of something merited beyond life, death and taxes.

What other creature, could imagine a God or conceive of Pi? Well, as I said, there is the mystery of it all. Why indeed do we exist. Why indeed do we believe, probably wrongly, we have a free will? We even can understand random, mindless events by mathematical probabilities. We conceive of material vibrations, the physical particles of the world, writing and conceiving theories our minds find beautiful and harmonious. But, there is the rub. If we exist and conceive of mathematical theory and logic and justice and morals, what does just random motion mean? After all without a purpose isn’t that what the Universe is. Who permitted black holes, the big cosmic inflation and Christmas trees?

The inconsistency seems the elephant in the living room. Physics PhDs keep insisting the order is just a happy accident, like 100 monkeys typing and after a very long time, out pops the New Testament.




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