Of Guns and Americans


American thought process is a curious thing. It woven not by practicality, rather by cults and worships.

If I had a child who was always putting her hands on a hot stove and being burned, I’d blame the child not the stove. That child would be restricted from getting even close to a hot bonfire.

I recall way back in 1963 when we lost our hero, JFK. It was an unthinkable thing. How could this happen when we pay the Secret Service and other agencies so well to guard our President. Later we would learn , although some still dispute who shot Kennedy; he was killed with a twelve dollar mail order rifle.

Thats right, Oswald got the Presidential assault gun without any real questions asked, through a Chicago gun shop.

Today,  52 years later, nothing really has changed, except the number of guns and assault weapons owned by citizens who do not need register the weapons. They can buy armor piercing ammunition, magazines and other weapons without any serious questions. Just present the money and you can buy the lot.

President Obama obviously very disturbed, hardly surprised by the latest mass slaying simply turned his head and shook it saying, Americans how much more are you willing to take.

The Powerful NRA has bought out your government, and they in fact are a minority of people  support   open fire and everybody needs a gun . Such insanity makes any normal person cringe.

Historically both Australia and England faced  open gun and weapons policies. The absence of any laws to track or haul in firearms. The crazy right insists guns protect them and their homes; they say we need more not fewer guns. Today both of these Nations have serious gun ownership are restriction laws. The results are clear, shootings stop or are a rare event.

The Supreme Court emboldened the NRA and the gun lobby  nut cases when they in 2008  affirmed the right to own a gun without restrictions;  trumps public wishes and safety.

I am not a prophet, I do know as long as the US has not meaningful hauling in of guns and assault weapons these blood baths will continue. If the little children of Sandy Hook could not cause enough out rage with the Republicans and the NRA, then I ask what ever would.

To get further into the illogical gun worship cult, Trump has now echoes the NRA stupidity, Arm all Teachers.

Trump would make such a wonderful president, we can hardly wait for the US to Trump destruct.


Edward O. Wilson Sociobiology Prophet


Hey, Kid, watch it, you’ll put your eyes out.

We live in a World of Paleolithic emotion, medieval institutions  and God like technology. A very dangerous mix- Edward O. Wilson

I was fascinated by Dr. Wilson and his personal appearance on the program probably said as much to me as any of his papers or books throughout the years.

We come into existence with a strong biological desire to be socially accepted, to fit in and to play a role that transcends ourselves. Some do this with family, others with country and many through religions.

None of the biological adaptations serves our Planet or humanity entirely well. However for a moment contemplate your survival without a society. Could you survive without the expected social benefits we all depend on for existence? Of course the answer is no. I would not survive without medical science, food from supermarkets, housing  someone else built and sold for my comforts.

Human mutual cooperation has raised society from the Paleolithic camp fire to Urban jungle. But, are we surviving today with a biological need to live inside a group, to defend that group or abstract religion of economics or supernatural faith to the death.

What about a post nuclear age where today’s leaders have not experienced actual war, destruction and legalized murder (war).

What about a society of workers who feed the needs of bankers, wealthy natural resource barons and corrupt political leaders?  We have already arrived at an Orwellian 1984.

Last night I watched the PBS program about Edward Wilson, who has studied insects for decades.

The Thread is TIME

What exactly is time? Is it a river or a mirror. Is it flowing or just an illusion?  The Hindu say there have been many times, many Universes. That Time is really an illusion and that consciousness the only reality and that it is entirely empty. If it is empty much like a slate than it can be written upon, but the writing can never stop being shifted and decayed away by time. Like the grains of sand that compose a sand castle, they will all in time be swept back into the surf. They will be still there, somewhere in time, but unrecognizable as a castle constructed by a girl who walked the beach before it became a mountain, millions of years ago.

I know this sounds almost poetic , but then creation is a kind of verse with many chapters. Our brief existence on this tiny planet is one among an infinity.

The bones of the dinosaurs appear to us as evidence that these beasts once roamed the planet in what we call a past time. However, as strange as it may seem, they still somewhere walk the Earth hunting in the ancient forests, now lost to us in our time.

We know this is true since the ghost of the so called Big Bang, which really never happened, has sent photons into time eternal. After 14 billion years, a rather arbitrary figure, we detect it as an almost uniform microwave background signal.

Albert Einstein in 1905, demolished the idea time is a universal constant. He did far more. Einstein showed all  events must exist somehow encoded for every piece of it since the big bang. Time is nothing more than events or relationships the consciousness becomes aware of.

Now, in a fascinating sense, could events become aware that are not tied to your brains sensory frame of reference? Some believe they can, but for me such evidence is ghostly and not well documented. This is just another way of my saying, not very convincing.

Without a good deal of time trying to explain, probably in a clumsy way, how time seems to change with your state of consciousness, it is enough to suggest it cannot flow or be real as humans and perhaps some animals perceive it.

Events or things in time can take place before or after certain other events depending on relative change in the velocity of two frames. I know that sounds obscure and dimly said. But, it is true.

Since it is true, time changes for different observers who both hold clocks, how could it be a real physical thing? It would need be a epi-phenomena.

We may already have our beginnings and endings decided from the beginning of what ever makes us think, time began. It never did. It is consciousness that stays in a single frame and eternal.

                             A Big Problem Here: What about FREE will?

Why consider that mankind has any free will whatsoever?

In physics we do not consider an arrow to have a free will when it travels its path from archer to target. Physics had established what independent constants  define and guide the arrow’s path. It becomes odd to assume if the arrow has no free will , human actions or decisions do.

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You are a little thread in time


Can we trust in religion? Is faith of any value except to fool us into not killing ourselves?

When I was a boy, I thought of myself as a special child.  Later I learned that is what everybody thinks, that they are special. I also was told Jesus was real and challenged to discover if the Easter Rabbit or Santa Clause were real as well. Surely the Rabbit and the Clause conned the kids with gifts and money. That seems true to adults as well, give them money and they won’t ask the serious questions.

I used to believe in prayer,somewhere there was a mind much greater than my own who if she had time, heard my prayers and would get back with me when she had the time. After all she had billions of people to listen to and outside of that a Universe to run. God had to be one busy bee. If she never got back to you were being selfish with what you wanted. Seems odd because some kids just want to be loved. I was one who was not.

You know it never broke upon me just about everything I had been told was just so fantastic. I actually thought about any of it, it was laughably as real as a rabbit laying eatable  eggs or a tooth fairy exchanging fallen teeth for money.

I was a more introspective child than most. I say of course because an outer directed extrovert never stops long enough from craving the experiences of the outer world to give   thought.

I don’t know where I developed a keen sense of justice that might be translated as the Golden Rule.

It didn’t come from my desire to cheat or be cruel or game the system, because for some reason I never had a desire to do so. I did not wish wealth or a Bill Gates income.

I became like a wolf on a distant hill, always watching. I never needed people, I think I did in the beginning. But, a cat, I could remain aloof. I think when young I allowed people to hurt me emotionally. For example a Christmas where I was the only child who had not one gift given to him at my grandparent’s holiday gathering. The one thing I noted was the complete absence of anyone there, including my own mother, who did not try to comfort me or expressed any out rage at such a vicious act. It really didn’t matter if this was by design or not the impressions were made. She did tell my grandmother who had her hands full, but rushed about, into her bedroom and produced a cardboard tube with an eye piece. If you held it to a light any eye balled the end while turning it beautiful colored artworks appeared in the viewer. A kaleidoscope.

Sixty years later I recall my own confusion. What had taken place? Had I really died and now a ghost,  just believed I was a child? No matter, as I know this was the beginning of my split with people. I did not wish to be like them. Selfish, gabbing, loud always pushing for status, puffing themselves up and bragging.  They,grasping for attention and status.

You ask, how could I be forgotten when my brothers and sisters were not? To this day I believe it was intentional , a cruel act. People never become aware of how their actions impact others.

I gained strength from their over sights and callous carelessness. It hurt, but the scars showed me the true nature of people, even those who claim status and goodness. For the moment I’ll leave out Pope Francis.

It was a day, Christmas day, a day that changed my life for ever and I became a philosopher.

I think we all have opportunities to learn our path in this seemingly useless and purposeless Universe.

I’ll continue more along the lines of subtle purpose for our lives later. It is enough to say, I think that purpose is learning about something. It is to be hurt, really hurt and to recover without desire for revenge.

Many may now question, if I believe the existence of humanity has any real purpose or is it simply here by chance. If in fact we are here by chance, science has a lot of investigating to do. This is true because given the physics of our world, or Universe, the improbable fine tuning needed for it’s very existence is almost infinite. We are in fact the most improbable out come of any roll of the dice!images

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